Ralo Accused Of Dealing Drugs From Prison; Loses Attempt At Bond


Ralo will remain locked up until his trial for conspiring to deal thousands of pounds of high-grade marijuana around Atlanta after being accused of dealing drugs – from prison!

Incarcerated rapper Ralo has ruined his shot at freedom – according to the Feds.

Ralo has been locked up since April of 2018 after he was busted smuggling thousands of pounds of marijuana from California to Atlanta.

During one undercover operation, the Feds confiscated over 500 pounds of high-grade weed $1 million on the street. 

In a more dramatic arrest, the Feds caught Ralo on a private jet loaded with reefer during a raid at the Peachtree-Dekalb airport. FBI and DEA agents found 17 packages weight 444 pounds, wrapped in clear cellophane plastic bags, worth a total of $840,000.

Ralo has been angling for bail for the last 2 years, but the odds of him gaining his freedom were against him almost immediately.

In 2019, prison officials claim they caught the rapper with an Apple Phone, an Apple Watch, and a SIM card in his cell at the Dayton Detention Center.

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And now he is facing more serious allegations.

Ralo was recently denied his request for bond, over allegations he continued to sell drugs even though he was locked up.

Court documents obtained by AllHipHop reveal his attempt to get out of prison worth thwarted by a judge who ruled the rapper was too dangerous to be back out on the streets.

“The Court determines that Davis is a danger to the community and that no condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure the safety of the community if Davis is released,” Judge Michael R. Brown ruled.

The Feds claimed they seized two notes from a woman named Antoinette Potts during a raid on one of Ralo’s homes. Investigators say Potts was acting as a go-between for Ralo and his drug dealers still out on the street.

One of the damning notes included a chart with prices for: “cups,”

“half,” “grams,” 8 balls” and “all.” Another note included a list with prices labeled “kidz.”

“It explained, “Red 5k; Black 10k; Balls 10k; Cap 500; Olivia 500” with a notation ‘that’s how its (sic) packaged’ and a note saying ‘anything they need, get the same amount in return an (sic) get my book from the house…It then had a notation under the title “Grandma” that said “make sure mario/40 do their shifts 10th 20th & 30th of every month. They kinda scard so paitianly (sic) do it!!!,” according to Judge Brown’s ruling.

The Feds also say the Apple Watch they found in Ralo’s cell contained evidence he was communicating with his co-defendants after they found photographs of drugs on the device.

“This evidence strongly suggests Defendant Davis continued to engage in illegal drug activity while incarcerated at that facility [Dayton

Detention Center],” according to court documents. “This evidence demonstrates that Defendant Davis continued in his illegal activity as late as April 2019—more than a year after his arrest.”

Ralo remains behind bars and is charged with conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute and possession with the intent to distribute over 100 kilograms of marijuana.