Rap Pioneer From The Crash Crew Says Hip Hop Started In Harlem & The Bronx


(AllHipHop News) Traditionally the Bronx, New York is cited as the original home of Hip Hop, but one of the pioneers of the culture believes another area of NYC may not be getting its proper due. Members of the Crash Crew spoke with Village Voice, and Barry Bistro offered his thoughts on the role Harlem played in the rise of Hip Hop.

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“It’s funny because the Bronx gets credited for creating rap, but simultaneously it was happening in Harlem,” said Bistro. “But because [DJ Kool] Herc and [Afrika] Bambaataa were famous, they get all the credit. They were the first one to cut up records.”

Some of the fellow Crash Crew members spoke on the timeline as well. La Shubee countered Bistro’s claim that the Bronx was not the first borough to birth Hip Hop.

“The first party we went to was St. Anne’s and we had this little tape recorder and were trying to suck up Flash’s rocking the beatbox. That was ’77. But early Harlem Hip Hop came after the Bronx,” stated Shubee.

“That was in ’73 and ’75 was when Harlem first got it,” added Reggie.

Bistro replied, “But everybody was DJing.”

The Crash Crew (aka Disco Dave and the Force of 5 MC’s) was signed to the legendary Sugar Hills Records. Their discography includes the 1984 self-titled album which consisted of the songs “Breaking Bells” “On the Radio,” and “We Want To Rock.”

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