Rapper Born Mute and Without a Jaw Lives Dream and Releases His Own Rap Record


(AllHipHop News) A 17-year-old who was born without a jaw is living his dream of being a rapper, thanks to some help from a member of the local Hip-Hop community in Phoenix.

Isaiah Acosta was born mute, and without a jaw and has never even tasted food.

He communicates through a combination of sign language and text messaging.

But the teenager’s vision of becoming a rapper has been actualized, thanks to an artist known as Trap House.

Isaiah linked up with Trap House, a rapper the youth identified as the perfect vehicle for his own lyrics since he cannot speak.

The pair produced the song and music video “Oxygen to Fly,” which has racked up tens of millions of views since the project was published yesterday (March 9).

The video was funded by the Children’s Miracle Network.

The duo will make an appearance at SXSW with the video’s director, Torben Bernhard, tomorrow (March 11).

Take a look at the documentary below: