Common Starts The Revolution With A New School

Rapper Common just opened his own school called Art In Motion.

(AllHipHop News) Last week, Common presided over the opening ceremonies for Art In Motion, a new charter school which will eventually serve over 1,000 students.

Art In Motion is starting off the school season with its first class of 7th and 8th graders.

Over time, Art In Motion hopes to broaden its capability to teach grades 9 through 12 as well.

“I talked about the revolution bt this truly is a revolution. And as I talked about the revolution, I understand now that the revolution is not only economic, it’s not only like social, it’s emotional too,” Common said. “And we going have all those aspects here at this school for our children to be able to breathe. And to be able to see and to be able to dream and to be able to pray and to be able to think and create.”

The Chicago rapper thanked his mother Mahalia Hines, who sits on the Chicago Board of Education.

Common affirmed that his mom was the one who showed him the value and significance of having a good education.

“I just want to thank my mom for instilling education and giving me the opportunity to be able to be here. That’s the reason I’m here. And I just thank God for this moment,” the Chicago native told the crowd.

Opening Art In Motion is the latest power move Common has made in Chicago in 2019.

In June, it was announced the rapper is working with real-estate developers to build an enormous movie studio campus as part of the South Works redevelopment project.