Rapper Common Says President Trump Needs To See A Shrink

Common talked about President Trump’s mental health during a stop on his “Let Love” tour in Paris, France.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Common believes President Donald Trump can help the United States if he goes to see a psychiatrist.

Common made his comments during a stop on his “Let Love” tour at the Elysee Montmartre Concert Hall.

“Narcissism is something that can be dealt with, too. Therapy can help that,” Common explained. “And I would subscribe every leader, even if you were a good leader. But Trump has proven to not be a good leader. And you can see his actions and behavior that of somebody who really dont love themselves, they got some issues going on.”

Common echoed several therapists who were on MSNBC and CNN earlier this week, to express serious concern over President Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior.

The POTUS was labeled a narcissist and “successful sociopath” during one MSNBC’s segment on his mental health.

On his new album Let Love, Common deals with several topics, including child abuse, misogyny and the importance of therapy, which he believes is something President Trump desperately needs.

“This would really help the country and the world if they would say, ‘hey this needs to be part of your program, some therapy,'” Common said.