Rapper Dark Lo Pleads Guilty To Witness Intimidation; Faces 9 Years In Prison

Dark Lo and ARab

Dark Lo pleaded guilty to threatening a witness who testified against OBH boss AR-Ab. 

Y’all gonna stop messing with Philly rappers.

For every Uzi Vert putting multi-million dollar diamonds in their forehead, you have at least 50 thugs on a mic — ready to show you why the City of Brotherly Love has a legion of Philadelphians ready to do someone dirty. 

Proof positive is the most recent news surrounding Original Block Hustlaz AR-Ab’s case. 

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Dark Lo, whose real name is Charles Salley, pleaded guilty to witness intimidation in a 2018 drug conspiracy case linked to the “Goon Story” rapper. 

He said what he said and stood on it.

The one count of witness intimidation was connected to threats the lyricist made once he found out who the “rat” was that snitched on his ole head. 

He also made a song called “Allegations” where he said that he “can’t wait to see” whomever it was that ran their mouth to the police.

The Feds are watching … songs … social media … the streets … As a result, nine affiliates (including rappers on the Original Block Hustlaz roster) from the crew were charged ten days ago.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin Ashenfelter stated in a court filing in 2019 about Dark Lo, “His lyrics promote gun violence and his music videos depict images of drug dealing and weapons possession.”

“Plainly, he is a danger to the community and he enjoys that image, using it as a platform to sell his music.”

While the song is a lot, that’s not what got him popped.

Dark Lo, who also goes by Ron Harvey, wrote two letters to a witness named Dontez “Taz” Stewart on the day he was supposed to testify against his boul. 

Rapper Dark Lo Threatened Witness Under Alias Of Man Who Killed People In Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s House

The letter that was sent under the alias, which was a name stolen from one of the founding members of the Philadelphia Black Mafia, was addressed to “Stewart Little.”

Get it … like the mouse/rat Stuart Little from the book turned movie? 

The Feds got that clever joke too… hence why the charge stuck. 

Dark Lo also shared with Taz what he would do to him if he snitched on the OG and told the Feds he thought that it was ok that he was straight with Taz because they were acquaintances.

“I don’t see how that’s threats. If I didn’t know him, that’s threats. … But he was under me, so I felt as though I could say that to him.” 

He has since changed his mind. Dark Lo is facing up to 9 years in prison when he is sentenced. The rapper is currently free, after winning an appeal for compassionate release from prison due to his health status.