Rapper Fat Trel Looks To Donald Trump, Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Kim Kardashian To Get Him Out Of Prison

Fat Trel

Fat Trel feels he is being mistreated by the legal system and hopes Donald J. Trump, Meek Mill, Kim Kardashian, and others like Jay Z can help.

Rapper Fat Trel hopes a consortium of celebrity can help him get out of prison.

The rapper, who is presently incarcerated, requested that Donald J. Trump, Meek Mill, Kim Kardashian, and others like Jay Z‘s Reform Organization to help him in his plight.

The rapper wrote an open letter in an effort to highlight the issue he is facing and tagged the various celebs and some media outlets as well. Last month, he was arrested for Revocation of Suspended Sentence and Probation, which was connected to an arrest in 2018. He subsequently was sentenced to a year and a half year in prison. The D.C. rapper wrote about his battle, one that is reminiscenet of Meek Mill’s bout in Pennsylvania.

“It is with heaviness in my heart that I must inform my fans and supporters that the justice system has failed in being objective in my case,” he said in a social media post.

The rapper charges he spent three years in prison after being convicted of DWI and marijuana possession from 2016, and then he got probation. Last month, he had a probation hearing in Arlington County jail and was then sentenced to another year and a half incarceration by a judge.

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Trel wrote, “3 years in federal prison was more than enough time for me to conform my mindset and the way I move. I’m being punished a second time around; without regard of the years I’ve already served.”

He also brought up that the laws around recreational marijuana have changed in Virginia since his origin case.

The IG post has gotten over 12,000 with a number of celebrities supporting his release.