EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Ice-T Says Colin Kaepernick Should Have Called Him Before NFL Protest

Ice-T explains how President Trump played Colin Kaepernick and ruined his NFL career.

EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Ice-T Says Colin Kaepernick Should Have Called Him Before NFL Protest

EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Ice-T Says Kaepernick Needs To Find Another Job Thanks To President Trump

Ice-T explains how President Trump played Colin Kaepernick and ruined his NFL career.

Rap star Ice-T explains how Colin Kaepernick could have benefited from his advice since both men faced intensive backlash over protesting police brutality.

(AllHipHop News) After almost three years of being blackballed, former NFL player Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned.

The 31-year old was the first football player to take a knee during the United States national anthem in protest of police brutality and social injustice.

Like Kaepernick, Ice-T challenged police brutality and caused a nationwide uproar with his song “Cop Killer.”

“I mean I would love to sit with Kap because I was attacked by the President..you know he dropped to his knee. I made a record called ‘Cop Killer.’ They wanted my motherf##king head,” Ice-T told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview.

Many football enthusiasts are enraged by the breaking that President Trump interfered and urged owners not to rehire Kaepernick.

Rap star Ice-T, however, was not surprised and had Colin Kaepernick phoned him first, the former football star turned activist may not be in this predicament.

Ice-T sympathized with Colin Kaepernick and said the football player is a casualty of President Trump’s unusual ability to spin a story.

“The spin is what f##### everything up. He hates America. He hates the troops. He hates the people dying. Our troops, Trump spun it. Oh, he hates all the young Gi’s. N##ga I’m going to be talking about police and you talking about I hate America. S##t got f##ked up.”

Ice was one of the first entertainers to feel the full fury of the U.S. government over “Cop Killer.”

The 1992 song put the rapper in the crosshairs of President George Bush Sr., his Vice-President Al Gore and his wife Tipper, who ran an organization called the Parents Music Resource Center, which targeted musicians with explicit lyrics for censorship.

Ice-T was one of the first victims of the PMRC, which was responsible for those “Explicit Warning” stickers that used to adorn the CD covers of albums featuring mostly rap music.

President Bush, Vice President Dan Quayle, and the PMRC pressured Warner Brothers Records to drop Ice-T from the label after the controversy surrounding “Cop Killer.”

To make matters worse, the lyrics to the song sparked rage around the world, and Ice-T was boycotted by the FBI, as well as national and local police.

Fortunately, Ice-T was able to put the “Cop Killer” controversy behind him and get his career back on track.

But the San Fransisco 49ers refused to rehire Colin Kaepernick and he has not been picked up by another NFL team since.

Now, sources are stating the order to blackball Colin Kaepernick came from none other than President Donald Trump himself.

The NFL owners are attempting to get involved with legalized gambling, and they need the President’s backing to do it.

Owners were reportedly instructed to keep Kaepernick off of the field if they wanted to play ball with the President

According to Ice-T, Colin Kaepernick should have been ready for the backlash.

“See that’s the thing. I knew if I did this, Warner ain’t going to have my back. Nobody. I’m on my own,” Ice-T said.

“This is, this is the price you pay [for protesting.] Later on life changes. You become vindicated and you get another job someplace else and you go down in history…I was going through this s##t before Kaepernick. I already know what happens if you protest, you’re going to get hit. You hit, they’re going gonna hit back. Brace yourself. That’s all I’m f##king saying,” Ice-T told AllHipHop.com.

As for Ice-T, the lifelong Raiders fan has no plans on boycotting the NFL.

“The NFL employs more motherf##king black millionaires than any other corporation in the f##king world. More than baseball. More than basketball. NFL got more n##gas on the payroll than any place, multi-time multimillionaires. Can’t boycott the NFL. F##k are you doing?”

Check out a portion of Ice-T’s interview with AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur.