Rapper MyVerse Becomes First Battler To Do A TED Talks — Brings To Life Climate Control Through Emceeing

Emcee partners with other creatives to perform for the TED Conference’s new “Countdown” initiative.

Rock Steady Alum, Commercial and Battle Rapper, MyVerse debut on the highly prestigious TED Talks’ Countdown stage, along with Samir Ibrahim and Kristen Warren.

The title of the experience was called “How Hip-Hop Can Make Climate Action Cool,” and focused on how “music can amplify social issues and inspire people to care about new (and sometimes unexpected) topics.”

“But can it take something as dire as climate change and make it mainstream?” a description of the talk read.  “With artists MyVerse and Kristen Warren as an inspiring opening act, social entrepreneur Samir Ibrahim suggests hip-hop and its stars can help us move from talking about the problem to rapping about (and acting on) solutions.”

The Latina emcee partnered with her colleagues to make accessible the concept of climate change through a Hip-Hop song, “Mother’s Mind.”

As she rhymed as the personification of Mother Earth, dropping jewels on how everyday people can make a difference, Warren warbled in the background before opening up her fiercely warm mezzo-soprano to give life to the message.

In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, MyVerse spoke about the experience and how it felt to be the first battle rapper to do a TED Talks.

She said, her “experience with TED Talks was truly an eye-opening experience.”

“From learning about underdeveloped communities that are being most affected by climate change to seeing the length that certain companies will go to to make us believe that there is nothing wrong,” she marveled. “I was honored to be a voice for Hip-Hop (alongside my girl Kristen Warren), to show the power it has on social change.”

“In fact, it made me want to better my habits moving forward for our planet’s future.”

Many influencers in the Hip-Hop space have been invited to the exclusive platform to share their inspirational journey.

Bevy Smith, Harlemite, Socialite, Actor, Best-Selling Author of “Bevelations,” Radio Personality, Travel Noir Connoisseur, Cultural Ambassador for the Universal Hip Hop Museum and Lifestyle & Fashion “It” Woman, whose signature phrase “It gets greater, later,” debuted on the stage earlier this year.

Her talk titled, “How to Discover Your Authentic Self —at Any Age” is almost half a million views in only three months.

Gospel rapper Lecrae has done one. Chart-topping rapper Cordae has done one. Kid Cudi… Rapper and Engineer Shelem … and Rap Pioneer Kurtis Blow have all done one, become some of the less than 50 videos incorporating the cultural movement into their 10 to 20 minutes of lesson sharing.

The CEO of AllHipHop.com, Chuck Creekmur also addressed the audience, speaking on “Why Planning is Overrated,” assisting the school to make history.

The event became the first HBCU to host a TED Talks on its campus.

He spoke about moving from Delaware to New York and starting his business. He talked about how much he planned, but his plan took some time to take shape. However, tenacity, never giving up, and hard work helped him realize his dream of being a magazine or media mogul.