Rapper NLE Choppa Releasing His Own Line Of Healing Herbs

NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa is planning a side hustle he hopes will heal his fans, and make him even more money!

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world has brought most of the music industry to a standstill.

Rappers who used to make a living on the road, have been forced to come up with creative ways to make money the past year. Memphis, Tennessee rapper NLE Choppa may have come up with the most interesting side hustle yet.

The rap star is planning on releasing his unnamed line of healing herbs to help his followers with all sorts of ailments.

“About to start selling my own healing herbs,” NLE Choppa revealed. First up in his new business line of healing herbs is a product to help people sleep.

“The first herb I’m starting with is mugwort to help people with sleeping disorders, insomnia, and people who have disturbing dreams, and enhances lucid dreaming,” NLE Choppa said. “Mugwort also relieves pain, helps indigestion lay stem, relaxes muscle.”

Mugwort’s beneficial properties have been recognized for centuries, going back to biblical times. It is said John the Baptist wore a girdle of mugwort, giving the plant its alias St John’s herb.

NLE Choppa has yet to reveal the release date for his healing line of herbs, or where fans will be able to purchase the product, but it looks like he is going to start with a line of tea.