Rapper Paris Is Ready For Revolution With “Safe Space Invader”

Bay Area rapper Paris is back returns with a soundtrack to the revolution with his new album “Safe Space Invader.”

(AllHipHop News) When Bay Area rapper Paris came out with his Tommy Boy single, “The Devil Made Me Do It,” he made a huge impact.

The song was so controversial that it was banned by MTV in 1990.

Paris’ music became increasingly more political and violent and by 1992, on his second album Sleeping with the Enemy, he lashed out at George Bush, the then president, and police officers — where he envisioned himself killing the president.

While some believed that the rapper took artistic liberty too far, some thought it clearly articulated the frustrations of thousands negatively impacted by the administration that seemed to launch attacks on the poor and highly melanated.

Paris is back and surprisingly the issues that he addressed 30 years ago, are still oppressing people in 2020.

On September 11th, 19 years after the horrible attack on the United States by foreign agents, he released a video for his new song, “Nobody Move.”

The visual pays tribute to Emory Douglas whose work for the Black Panther Party became a symbol of rebellion.

Paris has recently shared the cover art and tracklist for his new album, Safe Space Invader and he is sure to bring his voice to the conversation buzzing on Black and Brown’s people’s lips.

Safe Space Invader will be released on his own label, Guerrilla Funk Recordings.

It promises to lift the following topics: police brutality, racism, gentrification, economic inequality, and cancel culture, among others.

Safe Space Invader is due to hit all streaming platforms on Friday, September 25th.