Rapper Pepa Sues Doctor Over Bungled Butt Implants

Pepa, of Salt-N-Pepa, claims a doctor disfigured her butt during three botched surgeries to fix her implants.

Rapper Pepa of revered rap group Salt-N-Pepa is involved in a legal war she hopes to put “behind” her soon.

According to reports, Pep has filed a lawsuit against a doctor who bungled her butt job three different times. Pep was involved in a car accident in 2018, which shifted the butt implants she received in a previous operation.

The rapper hired Dr. David Sayah in 2019, in an attempt to ease the extreme pain she began to suffer in her hips and back.

Dr. Sayah came up with a strategy to remove the original biopolymer implants she received and performed liposuction on the rapper, which only made things worse.

Pepa, real name Sandy Denton, went back to the doctor for corrective surgery for the liposuction, which only made her gluteus maximus harder, making it tough for her to perform during her shows.

Pepa submitted to a third surgery with Dr. Sayah, but still, experienced extreme pain and discomfort.

Pepa ultimately decided to get rid of the doctor and consulted with another physician, who disclosed she still had a large amount of the earlier implants stuck in her behind.

The rap star says her booty is permanently disfigured due to Dr. Sayah’s negligence, and she wants him to pay.