EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Ralo Wants To Test Marijuana Seized In Huge Drug Bust

Rap star Ralo is asking a judge to give his independent expert permission to examine the high-grade marijuana the Fed seized in a huge drug bust last year.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Ralo is mounting a defense in his ongoing federal case for allegedly transporting hundreds of pounds of marijuana in a private jet.

Lawyers for Ralo just filed a motion asking for the court’s permission to test the high-grade marijuana federal agents seized from his private jet.

“Mr. Davis, through counsel, has been asking the United States Attorney’s Office for permission for an independent expert to view, test and examine, the alleged marijuana at issue in the case…” Ralo’s lawyer Brian Steel wrote.

Ralo is asking a judge to assign the date so his independent experts can examine the evidence because the United States Attorney’s Office has not provided a date yet.

“Defendant, Terrell Davis, by and through undersigned counsel and hereby files this Motion to Test, Inspect and Examine the Supposed Marijuana at Issue in the above-referenced case,” Brian Steel revealed.

Ralo, born Terrell Davis, was under Federal investigation for allegedly running a drug empire from 2017 until his arrest in 2018.

The Feds claim the rapper was crisscrossing the country in a private jet, which was used to transport high-grade marijuana to sell in an apartment complex he supposedly owned in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The investigation culminated with the arrest of Ralo, who was taken into custody during a dramatic raid when his private jet landed at the Peachtree-DeKalb airport in April of 2018.

Later that month, Ralo was charged with a felony count of conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

He has pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail.

The government has already seized or frozen over $2 million worth of assets Ralo has acquired, including 25 properties, luxury cars, and over a million in jewelry.