Rapper Rich Rhymer Pays Tribute To Darius Lee After College Basketball Star Slain At Father’s Day BBQ

Rich Rhymer

Rapper salutes college athlete who lost his life at his function.

One of Harlem’s bubbling names in Hip-Hop made a tribute to the fallen basketball star slain in the recent shooting at his event.

A 21-year-old college basketball star named Darius Lee lost his life at the rapper’s Father’s Day Cookout in Harlem River Park, near Harlem River Drive and E. 138th St. (the Harlem River Drive footpath under the Madison Ave. Bridge).

Lee was one of nine people shot after rival gang members came by the event and shot it up. Lee was the only one to succumb to his injuries.

Lee was shot in the chest by the thugs, according to police.

Rich Rhymer placed a picture of Darius Lee in his story and sent his consolations to the family, saying, “My condolences to the family keeping y’all in my prayers. Forever D. Lee.”

According to the Daily News, Lee was considered a “Harlem Angel” and someone who made his community proud. His former coach Chris Williams called him the “greatest kid ever.”

“This is like a Harlem angel,” Williams said. “I want my 5-year-old to be like Darius. I’m not just saying this.”

The young athlete attended Houston Baptist University on full scholarship and played a guard and forward for their basketball team, the Huskies. 

His records show he was set to graduate in December and had just come home to Harlem for a summer break a few weeks ago.

Officials from his school also recognized him as Houston Baptist’s male athlete of the year after he led his team in scoring and rebounding during their last season. Lee was such a great athlete, he was ranked sixth in the nation in steals per game.

His dad, Eric Lee, said, “Darius always said he wanted to be on TV. He got his wish. But in a wrong and bad way. He didn’t deserve this.”