Rapper Rick Ross Could Be Out Of A Fortune Over Botched Show In St. Louis

Rick Ross

Rick Ross could be out of a group of money over a failed show in St Louis.

Maybach Music mogul Rick Ross is being sued by two St. Louis music promoters for missing a major concert they paid him for last year.

And before you smartly reason, well, the 2021 pandemic stopped a lot of shows … Rozay missed this one in January before the national shut down.

Antoine Meeks, whose company is Black Luxury Entertainment LLC, and Orlando Watson, who’s connected to Rockhouse Entertainment, said that he was a no show for their January 11, 2020 concert at the Pageant.

They assert that he was given a contract (which he agreed upon) and was paid his upfront half, $30,000 on Oct. 21, 2019.

Working as if the contract would be honored, the duo put out production expenses that inched up to almost $40,000. According to KSDK.com, they paid $6,000 for the venue, $3,300 for the rapper’s personal travel and lodging, $4,100 on marketing and promotions, and $25,000 for production costs that could include sound, tech, lighting, etc.

In addition to these reimbursements, they want $74,000 in damages.

They filed papers for a lawsuit, sent to William Leonard Roberts II (the rapper’s real name), and Rick Ross Touring LLC demanding justice.

The “BMF” artist doesn’t seem phased by the lawsuit and is promoting his Memorial Day party on his IG with the caption, “MONDAY MAY 31st CARIBBEAN DAY PARTY 💦 BOSS PERFORMING LIVE $$$ Follow the Team: @officialbelaire @mcqueenvioletfog @originalbumbu@villonfrance @untouchablemmg 🥂🥂🥂🥂