EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Sauce Lean Fights Life Sentence

A rapper who was associated with Sauce Walka's crew The Sauce Factory is fighting a life sentence for being a pimp.

(AllHipHop News) Last week, Houston rapper Sauce Lean was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of running a sex trafficking ring.

This week, Sauce Lean is fighting back.

An investigation into Sauce Lean and Sauce Walka’s The Sauce Factory started in 2018 after two teenaged girls went to the police and said they were being prostituted by members of TSF, which the cops have labeled a gang.

Sauce Lean was arrested in July of 2018 over allegations he pimped out a group of teenagers and then bragged about it in his rap songs, which were used against him during his five-day trial.

According to the Feds, Sauce Lean’s rap videos “contained many of the terms people use in the game. In the videos, Sims refers to two of his co-defendants and their roles in the organization. He references selling “white” women and how successful he is at being a pimp.”

The jury deliberated for a little less than eight hours before they returned a guilty verdict against The Sauce Factory associate.

Sauce Lean, real name Jaimian Sims was found guilty of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of a minor and sex trafficking of a minor.

During the sentencing phase, U.S. District Judge David Hittner stated Sims was a threat to society, despite the glowing letters of support Sauce Lean presented to the court.

“The government contended Sims has not made any contribution to society and that he and other members of The Sauce Factory wave around firearms, large amounts of cash and glorify a materialistic lifestyle built on the backs of sexually-exploited women,” snapped a representative for the U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of Texas.

Yesterday, Sauce Lean filed an appeal. He is asking for a court-appointed lawyer to help him fight for his life.

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