Rapper Slowthai Agrees To Stop Spitting In His Fans’ Mouth Due To COVID Concerns

Slowthai has vowed to cut out a pretty disgusting practice at his live shows, out of an abundance of caution during a global pandemic.

In other nasty-behind-people news, rapper Slowthai has finally said that he would stop “spitting” in his fans mouth not because the act is disgusting, but because of the recent global coronavirus pandemic.

Over the last few years, he has gained notoriety for this very intimate act. Slowthai, whose real name is Tyron Frampton, got on many Americans’ radar when he came to the U.S. during the Brockhampton on their North American tour.

During one of the shows, a woman had a sign that said that she wanted him to spit in her mouth. He obliged her and the incident was captured on video— inciting a viral moment. A viral moment that speaks to a practice he no longer wants to engage in.

Recently, YouTuber Amelia Dimoldenberg had the artist on her Chicken Shop Date show, she asked him if he would continue the practice once he starts touring again.

He responded with a sharp, “No, I ain’t spitting in no more mouths now.”

The American woman is most certainly happy that she experienced her Slowthai saliva fantasy.

She said, “It was one of the best moments of my life. Slowthai is a beautiful man, I wish nothing but the best for him in his career.”