Rapper Splash Zanotti Charged On Christmas Day Over Kidnapping And Robbery

Splash Zanotti

A rising rapper from Fort Lauderdale is jammed up with the law, over claims he robbed a couple during a home invasion.

Rising rapper Splash Zanotti spent Christmas day in court to face some serious charges.

The cops in Fort Lauderdale, Florida accused the rapper of being the ringleader of a crew that participated in a home invasion and sexual assault that took place two months ago.

Splash Zanotti, born Kejuan Campbell, and Dionte Alexander-Wilcox, and Antonio James, allegedly burst into a home in Miramar, looking to collect the $20,000 debt.

The cops say they inadvertently targeted an innocent couple and for over 3 hours, terrorized the man and the woman. According to the complaint, the trio forced the woman to drive to various ATM locations in an attempt to collect the money.

At one point, one of the men raped the woman in the house as the husband sat in the garage smoking a cigarette during the terrifying incident.

Splash Zanotti and his two accomplices are charged with kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and they face life in prison for the crime if they are convicted.

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Splash Zanotti was taken into custody on December 19th, and he chronicled his own arrest on his Instagram account.

“We were able to speak to splash and he’s staying positive and in good spirits,” a rep for the jailed rapper said. “He wants to let every one of his fans know that he loves y’all and that we gon get through this together. He wants y’all to post anything positive you can about him right now. They’re trying to paint him for something he’s not and we need to show the world the true light that he is.”

Splash’s videos have racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. His single “Madara Flow” even features a guest appearance from infamous “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin.