Rapper T.I. Donates 200 Moolah Tablets To Morris Brown Students.


T.I. partnered with Moolah Wireless to give free tablets and 12 months of data service to Morris Brown students.

As students prepare to return to school, some may need a little more assistance than others. 

That’s where rapper T.I. steps in, sharing his generosity with a cluster of HBCU students looking to start the academic year off on the right foot.

The “Grand Hustle” chart-topper and Atlanta native gave away 200 Moolah tablets to students at Morris Brown College, the first class to enter the school since it has been accredited. 

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, partnered with Moolah Wireless to give free tablets and 12 months of data service to Morris Brown students as a way to celebrate the restoration of the institution.

Morris Brown, a valued institution in the Atlanta University Center consortium, was founded in 1881 but had been struggling to maintain accreditation for two decades. 

It was riddled with a recent history of financial scandal and mismanagement, resulting in the school losing access to its utilities and a student body of under 60 people.

But now, it is revived and ready to achieve its most incredible legacy yet. Morris Brown College President Dr. Kevin James stated about the gift, “Technology is everything.”

“Some of our young people have what they need, and some of them don’t,” he continued. “So, we wanted to be able to offer them an opportunity to have the technology they’re going to need to be successful.”

Reports say students wrapped around the building waiting to receive a semester must-have. They received a little more, according to CBS 46

Some took souvenir pictures, and others were blessed with words of wisdom, something the “expeditiously” podcaster is always willing to share.

T.I. said, “What we hope that we do is motivate the students to take their education seriously. Let them know that there are people like us who are here to celebrate them and assist them on their journey so they can get through their lives a little more effortlessly. Struggle may come, but when you work hard, help will come too.”

The charity did not stop there but extended to people in the community. 

As a community stakeholder, Moolah Wireless is now offering free tablets to anyone eligible for the program that caters to veterans, senior citizens, Section 8 residents, and others.

To learn more about eligibility to receive Moolah Tablets, visit https://moolahwireless.com/tablets/.

To learn more about Morris Brown College, visit morrisbrown.edu.