Rapper Wiley Calls Out Drake In Anti-Semitic Rant; Gets Dropped By His Manager

Wiley, the multi-hyphenate emcee from East London, was banned from, and then re-instated by Twitter after a hate-filled anti-Semitic rant.

Based on his beliefs, he has alienated a whole community, prompting a campaign to get him shut all the way down.

(AllHipHop News) Grime artist Wiley is the most recent entertainer to be checked for making anti-Semitic comments on his social media page.

And like Nick Cannon, DeSean Jackson, and others, he has received extreme backlash for his statements, however, Wiley is different.

Whether it is the Brit’s brash and irreverent attitude or that he simply believes he is right, Wiley is not backing down.

Among the tweets, he equated the Jewish people with “Red necks” and the Klu Klux Klan, pushing a narrative that the community is racist and subversively implying that they hate Blacks.

He also dredged us the stereotype of Jews as wicked businessmen, who oppress people through laws and banking.

He wrote, “Who writes the laws ? Who changes the laws ? Who implements new Laws ? WHO ? What is the 5%ers ? Who are they all ? Who runs the world ? Who runs the banks ? WHO WRITES THE LAW BOOK ? Who hides behind the police ? Who owns the police ?”


Wiley also dared them to silence him, stating that he is not like Kanye — no one can control him.

Throughout the seemingly hundreds of tweets, he shouted out Ice Cube and gave a history lesson on African history and the Jewish community’s hands in the slave trade of millions of Black bodies from the 15th Century until the 19th Century.


“You call me anti semetic but you stole our land so what’s called please ? Theft ? Oh we will just take it Cos black are slaves anyway ?” he tweets.

Fans warn that his Twitter account might be deleted, but he seems unbothered and continues to bang on the Sons and Daughters of Abraham with his might … first by telling them they do not represent the true 12 tribes … then by maintaining he will not be canceled.

He even shouts out Jay-Z and Diddy, dismissing Drake (who is Jewish and Black) from the Black excellence conversation and flat out disrespecting the “Hotline Bling” rapper.’


And he does not stop. As of the last report, he is continuing his rant. No words on how this will affect his career.