Rappers Dominate Super Bowl LIV Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday was filled with several commercials with some of your favorite celebrities and rappers.

(AllHipHop News) It’s Super Bowl Sunday and that means tons of entertaining commercials.

The Super Bowl is the biggest say of advertising, and companies have reportedly spent over $5 million in 30-second spot ads during the big game.

Of course, like always, this year’s ads feature some of your favorite celebrities, including some major names in hip-hop.

Post Malone starred in two Bud Light commercials, #PostyStore and #PostyBar, which featured their new Seltzer beer. Before the Super Bowl, the beer company and Malone gave fans a chance to choose which one of the two ads they want to air during the big event.

H.E.R. and Missy Elliot linked up with Pepsi for a commercial advertising Pepsi’s Zero Sugar soda.

The duo sang their version of Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black.” “I see a red door and I want it painted black,” is what they sing as a red cola can, transforms into a Pepsi can.

Ludacris and Tyrese made an appearance as stars in an advertisement for the new installment of the “Fast & Furious” titled “F9.”

Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott are dancing cowboys in the Wild Wild West in a Doritos Cool Ranch commercial. The pair dance-off to the “Old Town Road” hit record, as Billy Ray Cyrus plays his guitar.

LeBron James is the face of the new GMC Hummer EV. General Motors announced Thursday that it will start selling a battery-powered Hummer pickup truck in September 2021.

Chris Rock stars in a Facebook Super Bowl ad that showcases different Facebook groups. “Whatever you rock, there’s a Facebook Group for you.”

A montage of different Facebook groups doing different things such as rockhounds, stone sculptors, and craft cocktail club appears. The actor can be seen towards the end of the ad channeling Rocky Balboa, representing the Rocky Balboa going the distance Facebook group. Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone, appears concluding the ad.

MC Hammer stars in a new commercial for Cheetos, advertising their new popcorn. The commercial follows a guy eating the popcorn in different scenarios, where he’s unable to help out. MC Hammer pops out each time singing the popular line “Can’t touch thIs” from his classic hit record.

Chance the Rapper was featured in a commercial for Quibi’s new reboot of “Punk’d,” which is slated to debut in April.

Pitbull and DJ Khaled starred alongside J. Lo and Alex Rodriguez in an action-filled commercial for the Hard Rock brand, where the super-producer has a new residency.

Rapper/singer T-Pain made the cut when he was featured in a commercial for Sabra Hummus alongside Becky G. and RuPaul “Drag Race” contestants.

Legendary Philadelphia rap band The Roots were featured in a commercial alongside Jimmy Fallon, promoting a light beer for Michelob Ultra in a funny spot.