Ray J Slams The Daily Mail Over Claims He’s Working With Donald Trump To Free Suge Knight

Ray J has issued an angry reply to reports he’s working to outdo Kim Kardashian, by securing the release of Suge Knight.

(AllHipHop News) Reality star/entrepreneur Ray J is blasting reports he’s attempting to free Suge Knight from prison.

Suge Knight was sentenced to 28 years in prison after he accepted a plea deal for mowing down two men with his Ford F-150 and fatally killing a man named Terry Carter during a fight in Compton in 2015.

Earlier this week, The Daily Mail published a report claiming Ray was working with Donald Trump and his administration to obtain a pardon for Suge.

Ray J trashed the story and labeled it false and inaccurate.

“Look, Daily Mail. I never had a problem, with y’all but y’all need to call my team and get stuff confirmed before you just put up any story on yall site,” Ray J fumed. “What kind of story did y’all just put on? It’s false. It’s not true. Which means the same thing, and it’s corny.”

Ray J was so upset because the Daily Mail’s story claimed he was in heated competition with his ex, Kim Kardashian to compete for President Trump’s attention, to prove he could have just as much success with criminal justice reform.

“Ray J is very competitive and always has been. He saw what Kim was able to do with her work in the criminal justice system with the Trump administration and he is determined to show he can do the same,” a source supposedly told the DailyMail. “He’s adamant that he can convince Trump to pardon Suge and that people will respect him for doing so.”

According to Ray J, The Daily Mail the story is completely made up and could ruin his Scoot E Bike company, as well as his other business.

“We’ve built these companies from scratch and it’s not an easy task so I will NOT let you sabotage me and ruin my name! I’m working hard for my family!!! The Devil won’t win!!! God Bless and swipe left if you wanna know facts about me and what I’m doing!”