Ray And Janay Rice Respond To Halloween Costumes


Halloween is right around the corner and the offensive costumes have commenced. Last week, pictures of a Ray and Janay Rice costumes began popping up on social media. One costume includes a man dressed in Ray Rice’s Baltimore Ravens jersey dragging a blow-up doll, mocking the elevator scene where Rice dragged his now-wife Janay out of the elevator after knocking her out cold. Other costumes consist of the woman being conscious with a made-up battered face.

The couple is very aware of the Halloween get-up and people close to them told TMZ that they are “praying for them.”

Janay sent a tweet over to TMZ last week that read “@TMZ it’s sad, that my suffering amuses others.”

There has also been a picture of a child dressed up as Ray Rice carrying a doll to represent Janay.

The newlyweds have reportedly been dealing with the backlash by being involved in the church. They recently became born-again Christians.

Take a look at a few costumes below.