Raz B Placed On 72-Hour Hold After Threatening To Jump Off Hotel Roof

Raz B

B2K singer Raz B broke a window at a Hilton hotel and climbed onto the roof, causing concern among fans and prompting the intervention of law enforcement.

Fans of B2K are worried about group member Raz B after he smashed a hotel window and climbed onto a roof, prompting a response from first responders fearing he was going to jump.

The incident occurred on Thursday (May 25) in Kansas City, following an unsettling video Raz B posted on Instagram the previous night, in which he expressed feelings of insecurity and fear for his life.

Raz B had claimed to be at a Hilton hotel in Kansas City on Wednesday night (May 24). In a post that left his followers worried, the singer noted that he was “fighting to stay alive” and expressed reluctance to undergo surgery in the city.

He also posted an address of a Kansas City hospital, hinting at possible health issues.

Concerns about Raz B’s well-being escalated when a video surfaced showing the singer on the roof of the hospital. The video, obtained by TMZ, shows shocked onlookers watching the scene unfold from across the way.

Law enforcement arrived at the scene at Saint Luke’s Hospital around 10:20 AM on Thursday, responding to calls from off-duty officers and hospital security. They found that a window had been broken, apparently to facilitate Raz B’s climb to the roof.

Given the precarious situation, there were fears that Raz B might jump off the ledge. In response, the fire department placed mats below, preparing for the worst-case scenario.

A police negotiator successfully persuaded Raz B to come back inside through the window, where he was immediately treated by medical staff. The unsettling incident has left fans deeply concerned about Raz B’s condition, with many expressing their worries on social media.

Raz B has been placed on a 72-hour hold by Kansas City police, according to his brother Ricky Romance.

At present, the singer’s condition remains unclear. Representatives for Raz B have been contacted for comment but have not yet provided any update.