Reginae Carter Talks “Friends And Family Hustle” Finale And Relationship With Toya And Wayne

Reginae Carter talks about the grand hustle finale of “Friends And Family Hustle,” and her evolving relationship with parents, Toya and Lil Wayne.

(AllHipHop News) As one of the stars of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle,” Reginae Carter is making a huge mark on television. With the show’s finale coming tonight, Reginae gave AllHipHop some insight on her life and career.

Family Hustle” the Season Finale 3 comes tonight at 8 pm / 7 central time on VH1. 

Reginae Carter has evolved into an actress, budding fashion maven, and TV star in addition to her life as the daughter of Toya Johnson and rapper Lil Wayne. And yet, both parents are active in the 21-year old’s life. (Click here for a full exclusive interview with Reginae Carter.)

Reginae told interviewer Seleah Simone, “Growing up, my mom (Toya) was a type of mom to say, ‘I’m not your friend’ like ‘I’m your mother first. That’s the mom that I have. Now that I’m grown, I can ask her about things, we’re on the phone for hours, we talk all day…we motivate each other too. She’ll call me like ‘Nas, you need to be doing this’ and I do the same. She’s really like my best friend. Our relationship has gotten way stronger.'”

Reginae stated she and her mother also talk about men, but they have very different types. Check the video for the details of their differences in men.

The Atlanta resident says relationship talk is a bit more tricky talking to her dad, legendary rapper Lil Wayne.

“He understands a little bit more because I was dating a rapper then. So, I would go to him like…and he would be like ‘Baby, just tell me the truth!’,” she admitted. “Its the profession (rappers) and that’s what they are and if I wanna deal with that. I know what it is. He would always give me advice but talking about it was a little weird.

Now, she is not dating at all.

However, she is continuing her acting career, but not before the end of the season for “Friends And Family Hustle,” which goes down tonight at 8 pm / 7 pm Central.

“With ‘Family Hustle,’ I feel like we jumped into something that we already knew. We knew that people. That’s like our family. We’re working with our friends. I was still younger. I’ve always been on reality TV, but this was just something different. I’ve grown up a lot,” Reginae said. “I have more respect for myself, most self-worth. It’s such a humbling experience. Family is family and we all come together for that one moment…its just real life stuff. The show was a great experience for me.”