Remy Ma Announces Plans For An “Epic” Women’s Battle Rap Event

Remy Ma is producing “something real big” for female battle rap in February and wants to see women in the scene earning more money.

Remy Ma started her musical career as a battle rapper and now she’s giving back to the scene, hosting an “epic” women’s battle rap event.  

Remy made the announcement during a recent interview with Threeletterman of “PsaHipHOP.” “I’m putting together something real big for the females,” she said. The “All the Way Up” rapper let slip that the event is something other than a tournament or competition and is set to take place on February, 12 next year. 

Remy Ma Is A Battle Rap Fan

Elsewhere during the interview, Remy Ma talked about her relationship with her “little hard-headed sister,” battle rapper Ms. Hustle. She revealed her pride at Hustle’s success and the progress of women’s battle rap in general. 

“I’m a fan of a lot of the women in it,” Remy Ma said. “I feel right now for women in Hip-Hop period, it’s a great time. This is the most women at one time to have been successful. Women are some of the highest paid artists right now and I want to be able to see that translate over into battle rap. If I can help facilitate that, then I will.” 

As the discussion turned to Remy’s early years, she recalled battling guys older than her for money while she was in high school. 

“It’s so crazy to see how far it’s come and it’s a great thing,” the New York native shared. “People don’t understand how hard that is to do. To stand there, to not mess up, to not forget. To be in the moment and just perform. Everything that it encompasses.” 

She continued and referred to the disparity between talent and income in the rap game. “I know people that’s amazing. Their pen is unmatched and they never really got to see the money that can come from that talent.” However, she added, “And at the same time, I know so many people that’s f###### trash and they super up.” 

Will Remy Ma Make A Return To Battle Rap?

Remy Ma was reminded of her battle on the recently revived “Fight Club” with Jersey City’s Lady Luck back in 2004. Though she won the battle and the $20,000 cash prize, she has no plans to make a return as a battle rapper and believes she is more effective playing a behind-the-scenes role.  

“This is me being sincere,” declared Remy. “I totally am up to it. My pen just go, that’s something that I would be able to do. But I also know my strength and my power. I been in the game long enough to know how far my reach is. I would be way more beneficial on the other side in being able to bring people that money than competing with them.” 

Ultimately Remy said while she is frequently asked to battle, “I don’t want to try to claim the crown.”  

She added, “I’m a boss and that’s how I move now. The old me…I do certain s### to prove points to people. I aint really got nothing to prove to nobody no more.”  

Notably, Remy Ma is a long-time supporter of Ultimate Rap League and Queen of the Ring and has appeared at recent events. She and her husband Papoose dropped an exclusive freestyle at the leagues’ joint event, “Kings vs. Queens 2.” 

Drake and URL

Remy Ma and her friend Juliette “Juju” Castaneda also pulled up to “Til Death Do Us Part,” the event curated by Drake, URL, and Drake has a longstanding relationship with URL and facilitated their relationship with the streaming platform. Drake revealed plans for the first million dollar battle at the last URL event and announced more is to come.

“Shout out to The Boy,” she said, referring to the Canadian superstar rapper. “I had conversations with him and I think he feels the same way that I feel about it.” Remy Ma said Drake understands the skill, talent, and grind required to be a battle rapper and the role he can play in putting money directly in their pockets. “There’s nothing worse than being famous and broke,” she said.  

The Terror Squad member shared one final tidbit on her plans outside of music. Remy and fellow Terror Squad member Fat Joe will be back hosting “The Wendy Williams Show” in January. The duo hosted the show last month while Wendy was on medical leave and will return for “about a week” at the top of the year.  

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