Remy Ma Responds With Violence To Troll Calling Her Broke: “S### Unless You Wanna Fight” 

Remy Ma

Remy Ma let a troll know she is not the one to be played with, threatening violence after being called broke.  

Remy Ma responded with violence when a troll suggested she was broke, warning that fighting is her first resort. 

On Tuesday (April 23), the “Ghetto & Ratchet” hitmaker was talking to fans on Instagram Live while getting her eyebrows tinted when a troll hopped in the chat calling her broke. 

Remy, who served six years behind bars for shooting a woman in 2007, was quick to respond. “How am I giving broke? Explain b####,” she clapped back.  “Girl shut up. Shut the f### up unless you wanna fight b####.” 

After blocking the troll, Remy Ma explained that violence was her instinctual reaction. 

“I’m never going to not want to fight. I don’t give a f### if I’m 95 years old, I’m never going to not want to fight,” she added. I’m going to always want to resort to violence. Like seriously. “ 

Remy said she refuses to argue back and forth on the internet and prefers to handle things in person. “I look at people that argue with people online weird. I want to see you, where you at?” she added. 

While Remy Ma says she settles her disputes with violence, she escaped assault charges following an alleged attack on her Love and Hip Hop New York co-star Brittney Taylor in 2019. 

Although she was initially arrested and charged in connection with the incident at an Irving Plaza benefit concert, the charges were dropped when the sole eyewitness stopped cooperating with prosecutors.