Remy Ma’s Son Arrested For First-Degree Murder

Remy Ma

Remy Ma’s son and another suspect are accused of a killing a man in 2021.

Police arrested Remy Ma’s son Jayson Scott and another man for a 2021 murder in New York on Tuesday (June 18). Scott, 23, and Richard Swygert, 22, were charged with first-degree murder for their alleged roles in the fatal shooting of Darius Guillebeaux.

According to FOX 5 New York, Scott and Swygert also faced weapon possession and reckless endangerment charges. Scott was hit with an additional charge of second-degree murder. Both men were expected to be arraigned on Wednesday (June 19).

Guillebeaux, 47, was gunned down in broad daylight in Queens in June 2021. Authorities investigated the shooting as a potential murder-for-fire.

The victim had been arrested 13 times and spent three terms behind bars. He served time twice for drug charges and once for robbery. Guillebeaux’s last prison stint ended when he was released on parole in 2017.

Two men, believed to be Scott and Swygert, confronted Guillebeaux on June 7, 2021. Authorities said he was seen arguing with his assailants before they opened fire.

Police found an unresponsive Guillebeaux suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his head and chest. He was rushed to a local hospital. Guillebeaux was pronounced dead at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

Remy Ma’s son is destined for prison if convicted of Guillebeaux’s murder. Remy Ma was no stranger to prison. The Terror Squad rapper spent six years behind bars for shooting a woman in 2007.

Scott’s arrest added to the drama in Remy Ma’s life over the past year. She was accused of cheating on her husband Papoose, who is not Scott’s father. Remy Ma allegedly had an affair with Eazy the Block Captain.

Geechi Gotti exposed Remy Ma’s infidelity during a rap battle against Eazy the Block Captain in 2023. Rumors of Papoose knocking out Eazy spread online. Remy Ma denied the allegations.