Remy Ma Talks Female Battle Rap, Big Pun, Busta Rhymes, Big L & More On “Drink Champs”

Remy Ma discussed her early success, collaborating with Big Pun and Busta Rhymes, plus her new all-female battle rap league, Chrome 23.

Remy Ma got a little “high and drunk” during her recent Drink Champs appearance as she celebrated her time in the rap game. 

The Bronx-bred spitter discussed the highlights of her illustrious career, making hits with the likes of Busta Rhymes and Big Pun. Remy Ma also delved into returning to her battle-rapping roots with the new all-female battle rap league, Chrome 23.  

Remy Ma admitted to getting “smacked” on the show, which invariably happens to Drink Champs guests. She added a couple of explanatory notes announcing the show on Instagram, though she admitted she intended to remain sober throughout the show.  

“Sidebar: I said I wasn’t gonna get drunk & somehow I ended up SMACKED🤦🏽‍♀️ Double Sidebar: I had nooooo business smoking a @GodmotherCharmz in public on camera🤦🏽‍♀️ Triple (yes triple) Sidebar: I probably should’ve called Nore & edited this before it came out but f*ck it!😎😈let’s see what I said #Reminisce #RemyMa” 

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Remy Ma Reveals She Only Knew Big Pun For A Year

With much to celebrate, Remy instructed N.O.R.E to fill her glass til “it gets to the top,” while discussing some of her career highlights, revealing that she received her first gold plaque after featuring on Big L’s album. 

The hosts were shocked when Remy announced that she only knew Big Pun, who was instrumental in her early success, for a year before his passing in 2000.  

She also flexed on another of her “Ante Up” collaborators. “Busta gets on a record, you know what’s gonna happen … he’s gonna take over the record,” she told the hosts. “Unless Remy Ma’s on the record too,” she added.  

N.O.R.E asked Remy Ma about her new venture in female battle rap following her inaugural event last month. She also talked “going viral before going viral was a thing,” with her battle with Lady Luck in 2004.  

Meanwhile, Lady Luck pulled up to the star-studded “Queens Get The Money” last month to lend her support. She gifted Remy with a crown showing there is no more bad blood between them before watching the all-female battle rap card. 

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Watch Remy Ma on talking female battle rap with two of the battlers from her first event, Ms. Hustle and QB below.