Reports: Common & Serena Split; Rapper Focuses On Acting


(AllHipHop News) Actor/rapper Common and Serena Williams have ended their two year relationship according to In Touch Magazine.

The weekly gossip magazine has cited a source close to the rapper who claims the pair “just grew apart.” According to the New York Post, Common and Serena attended the premiere of the movie Date Night in April, but Serena was not with the rapper at the May 4th premiere of his new movie Just Wright.

Common or Serena have yet to issue a statement on the status of their relationship, but in articles printed last week, the rapper was talking about marriage.

“It would be a great thing but I can’t say that right now,” Common said on Wendy Williams’ show last week. “I would love to be married and have children someday. So if Serena is that person, it would be a lovely thing.”

In related news, Common revealed that he planned on being one of the great actors and that acting was his new creative medium.

“My hip-hop background really can’t catapult me to where I want to be as an actor,” Common told The Philadelphia Inquirer last week.  “I do acknowledge that hip-hop has built a foundation for me in the way that it allows me different experiences as a performer and taught me how to endure when you’re dealing with difficult situations. But acting is a different medium. I know I have to go through the process of training and the things that it takes to become a great actor. And my goal is to become one of the greatest.”Common is working on a new album titled The Believer, which is due in stores this Fall.