Reports Of Cardi B Blasting A Group Of Kids Over A “Diss Song” Is Fake News

“NOT TRUE… do blogs ever do they research anymore? Or ya just post sh*t for clickbait 🧐.”

(AllHipHop News) Numerous YouTube channels, gossip blogs, and even some traditional entertainment news outlets have been reporting that Cardi B cursed out kids on Instagram Live. The problem? The story is completely untrue.

Cardi did go on a rant via her Instagram account, but the harsh words were not directed at the group of children that created a “diss track” about the Bronx rapstress. The IG Live comments were a response to Travis Scott fans that took issue with Invasion of Privacy winning the Best Rap Award Grammy over AstroWorld.

Some of Scott’s followers began slamming Cardi after the release of the Houston-bred rhymer’s Look Mom I Can Fly documentary on Netflix. There was a scene in the film where Travis Scott expressed his disappointment over not winning on Grammy Night 2019. Cardi then took to Instagram to fire back at the social media trolls.

“I got these white boys coming at me on Twitter all day, because of this damn documentary that came out,” expresses Cardi in the days-old vid. “I’m tired of explaining myself. I’m tired of coming at people. Everybody’s so f*cking mad that this little motherf*cking b*tch from the motherf*cking Bronx won a f*cking Grammy. It’s ridiculous.”

Later in that same Instagram Live, Cardi says, “Everybody be busting their ass when they work on their album. I’m not gonna let no little f*cking white boys motherf*cking come at me all motherf*cking day long. Shut the f*ck up, and stay in y’all motherf*cking place. Go drink y’all motherf*cking milk, b*tch.”

It is clear a clip circulating on social media took the last part of Cardi’s Instagram Live out of context to make it seem as if she was reacting to Z-N8tion’s diss video. When, in reality, the 26-year-old mother’s words had nothing to do with the young boys from Westchester County, New York.

“First of all, I was talking about a fan base that was coming for me when it comes to [my] album and [the Grammys] and people chopped my video to make it seem like I was talkin about them kids. Second, why don’t ya go b*tch to the parents that got lil kids talking sh*t about others?” tweeted Cardi on Wednesday afternoon.

This is not the first time Travis Scott’s name has been involved in deliberate “fake news” that went viral. In 2018, YouTuber ChristianAdamG “fooled the internet” by creating a bogus photograph that appeared to show the AstroWorld creator cheating on his longtime girlfriend Kylie Jenner. That false narrative was also picked up by various outlets.