Republican Politician Under Fire For Dressing As Kanye West In Blackface

The photos are from 2009, yet Karl Eversmeyer insists he’s not a racist.

(AllHipHop News) Some “old” photos have come back to haunt Republican candidate Karl Eversmeyer.

Eversmeyer is running against incumbent Democrat John Wisniewski for a seat on the Westampton Township Committee in Burlington, New Jersey.

But Eversmeyer is now facing controversy as photos of him wearing dark makeup on his face and hands surface.

According to the Burlington County Times, these photos are from November 1st, 2009 when he attended a Halloween party with his wife.

The flicks from a decade ago have been raising major questions about his prior statements and perspectives.

Karl Eversmeyer said he was dressing up as Kanye West in a baseball cap and white button-down shirt, while his wife dressed as Taylor Swift in a Supergirl.

Eversmeyer and his wife were reenacting an incident that took place at the infamous MTV Music Video Awards when Ye rudely interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech saying she didn’t deserve it.

“I wasn’t thinking about (race) at all. (My friend) wanted us to go all out for his Halloween party, and I did. I was voted best costume,” Eversmeyer noted.

Eversmeyer also said the fact that most of the people at that party were black proved he wasn’t a bigot.

Karl Eversmeyer remained defiant in the face of mounting criticism over the outlandish costumes he wore with his wife.

“An apology is an admission of guilt. I’ll never lie and say I’m guilty of being a racist. But today now knowing the history of blackface and that it’s not culturally appropriate, I’m better educated and will not wear anything like that again,” Karl Eversmeyer said.