Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Praises Kanye West (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Remember how rap stars like Jay Z and Young Jeezy shouted out Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign? Could 2016 be the year Kanye West stumps for Republican Ben Carson? Ye already expressed he is impressed by the retired neurosurgeon, and Dr. Carson has now praised West as well.

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“As soon as I heard [Ben] Carson speak, I tried for three weeks to get on the phone with him. I was like this is the most brilliant guy,” said Kanye during an interview with Vanity Fair.

Carson appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday. Guest moderator Martha Raddatz asked him about Kanye’s comments.

“I did have an opportunity to talk with him. I was extremely impressed with his business acumen. He knows a lot about business,” stated Carson. “I talked to him about the possibility of maybe himself and some of the other people in pop culture doing some music that might be uplifting, that might give young women a sense of their value and young men a sense of responsibility. I think it could be a tremendous thing in our society.”

West made headlines when he told the audience at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards he is running for president in 2020. The public will have to wait and see if the “Gold Digger” rhymer really jumps in the race in five years, but Carson did not seem opposed to the idea of Kanye running for the highest office in the land.

“I’m certainly willing to give him a chance,” added Carson.

It’s not clear if Kanye would run as a Republican or a Democrat. While he has had very nice things to say about Dr. Carson, he has also been seen in a picture with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In addition, Ye is reportedly scheduled to perform at a Democratic National Committee event in San Francisco next month.

Kanye also told Vanity Fair, “The idea of this separation and this gladiator battle takes away from the main focus that the world needs help and the world needs all the people in a position of power or influence to come together.”

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Watch Ben Carson’s interview below.