RHOA Cast Member Marlo Hampton Gives Women In Entertainment Tips After Terrifying Home Invasion

Marlo Hampton

Reality star connected to the same home invasion circle that targeted rapper Gunna and Future’s baby mother.

After being a target of a recent home invasion, one of the cast members of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has decided to speak out about what women should do to protect themselves from burglars.

Marlo Hampton took to social media to talk about the horrific ordeal and advise ladies who might find themselves in a similar situation as she did recently.

She detailed in the caption the urgency of being alert and what happened to her a little under a month ago.

“The past 3-weeks have been a roller coaster. I’ve been experiencing so many emotions after my safe space, my home was broken into by 4 armed men!” Marlo Hampton shared.

Continuing, she wrote, “After alerting my family, close friends, and my RHOA cast mates it was important for me to let the Sandy Springs police do their job.”

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“Talking to the police after my break-in, I learned that there was an on-going active investigation into home invasions and armed robberies targeting high profile people across Atlanta. I had heard of just a very few recent home robbery, but I didn’t know the extent of it all! I wanted these people caught!!” she stated. “They have caught some, but there are still more out there that are involved!”

AllHipHop.com reported on Hampton’s unfortunate experience, sharing that both Gunna and one of Future’s baby mothers were also targeted.

Marlo Hampton told her followers, friends, and women in the entertainment industry to “be informed” because they were being scoped out.

“We have to be careful and think hard when sharing where we are and our possessions, on social media!!!” she wrote before adding, “Also, take time to have a safety inspection done on your home with your local police department (like I did).”

Here are some of the takeaways she received from law enforcement:

—Always make sure your alarm system is up-to-date and on;

— Get flood lights

— Leave music on when you’re not home,

— Get active with your HOA and Neighborhood watch,

— purchase & install the StrikeMaster II Pro,

— Have cameras installed around the entire perimeter of your home,

— Get a metal door or frame

— Keep a charged prepaid phone in an accessible place for emergencies in case your phone lines are cute

These tips can be helpful and will help her protect herself and others in the future.