Rhymefest To Spike Lee: Support Chicago Filmmakers Or Don’t Come Back To The City (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Chicago’s Rhymefest has been one of the most outspoken critics of Spike Lee’s latest movie Chi-Raq. The Hip Hop artist/activist accused the director of preying on the pain of his hometown for financial gain.

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Lee fired back against his “haters” in a recent interview saying, “People talking that sh*t, they don’t know what the f*ck they’re talking about. This film, in no way, shape, or form, makes fun of anybody that got killed. This film was made to save lives, and all this other sh*t people are talking about is a distraction.”

Rhymefest has once again taken Lee and his motion picture to task. He appeared on Sway In The Morning and addressed Spike’s on-air rant.

“When Spike Lee don’t have a good argument he gets loud,” said Rhymefest. “Spike Lee ain’t no tough guy. So he needs to stop acting like he’s a tough guy before he come back to Chicago and really figure it out.”

Rhymefest then claimed many of the local people featured in Chi-Raq are not happy about the movie, and he suggested Jennifer Hudson was tricked to be in the picture.

The Oscar-winning songwriter also pointed out Chicago natives Kanye West, Common, and Chance The Rapper declined to be in the film. Rhymefest now calls on Lee to do more for the citizens of the city or he is not welcomed back.

“Spike needs to sit down and have a conversation with some people that are really doing work in Chicago instead of just talking sh*t he don’t no about,” stated Rhymefest. “Spike needs to give $100,000 to a program for film development for shorties in Chicago to tell their own story. That’s a challenge that’s issued to him, or just don’t come back to Chicago.”

While Chi-Raq is based in Chicago, Lee has maintained the satirical storyline could fit a number of cities across the country. But Rhymefest had an issue with the idea of tragedy and violence being presented as humor.

“Would you make a satire about 9-11? What you make a satire about the Paris attacks? Would you make a satire about San Bernardino?” asked Rhymefest. “If anybody other than a black face made this film – would we be saying, ‘Man, that sh*t’s racist’? You wouldn’t want Tarantino to do this type of film. Why does Spike get a pass?”

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Watch the video of Rhymefest’s interview below.