Rich Dollaz Posts Bail After Child Support Arrest

“Love & Hip Hop” star Rich Dollaz was released from jail in New Jersey, after getting busted for not paying child support once again.

(AllHipHop News) Paying child support payments is too much of a financial burden for reality show star Rich Dollaz.

Earlier this week, “The Love & Hip Hop” star was arrested by police in Hudson County, New Jersey for falling behind on his child’s payments.

Rich Dollaz, born Richard Trowers, was taken into custody for $125,000 in child support payments he owes to the mother of his kid.

Richie was briefly detained until he posted $20,000 bail to secure his freedom.

He must also begin to pay the woman child supports immediately if he hopes to stay out of jail.

Back in 2013, Rich Dollaz’s perpetual child support issues saw him arrested in the middle of an interview.

He was collared again in 2014 after he double-parked in front of police headquarters.

The cops ran Rich Dollaz’s plate and found he was behind $11,000 in child support and immediately took him into custody.

In 2015, Rich spent almost the entire month of February behind bars after he was accused of owing his mother’s child almost $200,000 in back child support.