Rich The Kid Publicly Apologizes To Fiancée Tori Brixx

Rich The Kid Tori Brixx

The “Plug Walk” rapper admits to doing wrong and asks for forgiveness.

RCA recording artist Dimitri “Rich The Kid” Roger offered a mea culpa to the mother of his child. The 30-year-old Rich Forever label head took to Instagram to apologize to Tori Hughes (aka Tori Brixx).

Rich The Kid recently made the news for allegedly paying another woman $35,000 in hush money to keep quiet about her pregnancy by the Queens-born entertainer. The unnamed woman reportedly filed a lawsuit against Roger in Massachusetts court.

“I’d like to make a public apology to my best friend, my lover, and fiancée, for any disrespect, disloyalty, or allegations of anything,” wrote Rich The Kid in an Instagram post shared on Wednesday.

He continued, “I’m a grown man, I’ve done wrong, and I’m owning up and asking for forgiveness from a beautiful strong woman that has taken care of not only me but our family for years… I’m not like these [others]… I know I’ve been wrong and will fix it, love you @toribrixx, I am so sorry.”

Rich The Kid’s apologetic Instagram caption accompanied multiple photos of the couple. The final slide included a picture of their now-four-year-old son. RTK and Tori Brixx began dating in 2018 after Roger’s wife, Antonette Willis, filed for divorce.

Both Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx were the victims of a violent home invasion that took place at Brixx’s Los Angeles residence in June 2018. Rich later proposed to his girlfriend in December 2019.

“You deserve the world & that’s what I’m going to give you!!! I love you more than life itself!! Who coming to our wedding???” wrote The World Is Yours album creator about his proposal to the Black Girl Stuff talk show host.