Rick Ross’ Attorney Blasts Local Paper Over Trial Reporting


(AllHipHop News) The lead defense attorney for Rick Ross has blasted local media coverage of the Hip-Hop superstar’s trial, which started earlier this week in Fayette County, Georgia.

The rap star and his bodyguard are accused of issuing a vicious beat down to a groundskeeper, who is accused of throwing a cocaine fueled party on the grounds of Ross’ lavish estate.

Jonathan Zamudio claims Rick Ross and his bodyguard Nadrian James pistol whipped him, broke his jaw, and left him with chipped teeth and bruised during the altercation, which took place in June of 2015.

Zamudio claims Ross put a gun to his chest and threatened to “pop a cap” in him if he talked to the police.

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Groundskeeper’s Assault Claims

A recent article in the Fayette County News claimed that Rick Ross’s defense attorneys were deliberately stalling during the first day’s trial and moving “at a snail’s pace.”

Rick Ross’ high-powered defense attorney Steve Sadow blasted local reporters for their alleged bias.

“You speak about the defense moving at a snails pace without even mentioning that we had to overcome countless unnecessary objections and arguments just to lay the evidentiary foundations for the introduction of demonstrative evidence such as surveillance video, screenshots and photos with metadata,” Steve Sadow wrote in response to The Fayette County News’ report.

“That took nearly 2 hours but should have been stipulated to and admitted in 5 minutes!” Steve Sadow continued. “Do the great citizens of Fayette County a favor: try to be objective from here on out. It would be a refreshing change!”

The case is expected to resume next week.

Meanwhile, Rick Ross, who is facing aggravated assault, aggravated battery and kidnapping charges over the incident, took some time out of his day last week to connect with kids to share some inspirational words at a Boys & Girls Club.


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