Rick Ross’ Ex Challenges Expenses In Her Sextape Trial Win Against 50 Cent


Lastonia Leviston, who won a lawsuit against 50 Cent earlier this year, is questioning the monies spent during the court of the trial. Leviston, who has a child with Rick Ross, won a $7 million lawsuit against 50 after it was ruled that he posted a sextape of her on the internet to intentionally humiliate her. The New York Daily News reports that since the money that she won is now being held up because of his bankruptcy trial, she is addressing the money that his lawyers from Brewers Attorneys are seeking from him.

Leviston wants the judge to dismiss some of the expenses included in the hefty sum of $123,455.92 that lawyers want from Fif. She reportedly wants the judge to dismiss the $57,241.76 in hotel expenses, saying that there were “more economic alternatives were available.” Leviston is also challenging the $26,890.90 spent on court reporter fees, $4,186.94 spent on travel expenses and the $14,800.66 spent on legal research.

50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in July.