Rick Ross Quits Joyriding, Finally Passes Test To Get His Driver’s License

Rick Ross

Rick Ross owns a fleet of cars, but he wasn’t supposed to be driving any of them because he didn’t have a driver’s license But that has changed!

Rapper and car collector Rick Ross is finally able to get behind the wheel legally – he has passed his driving test, aged 45.

Ross owns more than 100 collectible cars, but until recently, he wasn’t technically allowed to drive any of them.

Now the rapper has finally scored his license, telling Today on Tuesday (September 7), “I have over 100 cars, and I just hadn’t had my license,” and explaining he got a lift to the Department of Motor Vehicles, where he took the test.

Admitting it was his family who convinced him to finally sign up and stop “joyriding” he adds, “My mom and sister pressured me, finally, so I went, took the test. It took me an hour. You know, I missed a few answers but I got it, I got it.”

And the big achievement was worth the wait, although the star implies he was yet to find himself in legal hot water for not having his paperwork in order.

“You know, because you should have your driver’s license… anytime I got pulled over, by the time the officer walked up…,” he smiles, suggesting he was always recognized by law enforcement officials.