Rick Ross’ Mansion To Make An Appearance In The New “Coming2America”

Rick Ross’s huge Atlanta mansion will be one of the stars of Eddie Murphy’s “Coming To America” sequel.

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross has landed himself a role in the Coming To America sequel after opening up his home to the cast and crew.

The rapper lives in the Georgia estate once owned by boxer Evander Holyfield, which was singled out as a location for Eddie Murphy’s new movie.

“They’re filming Coming to America 2 at the estate right now,” Ross told syndicated columnist Allison Kugel. “I have a small role and I did my first scene a few days ago.”

The fact that he’s rubbing shoulders with funnyman Murphy in his own home has made Rick realize he lives a grand life – and his kids know nothing of the hardships he faced growing up.

“It’s not an upbringing I would know about firsthand, and I’m pretty sure I would feel entitled if Eddie Murphy was walking around my dad’s home and ‘Coming to America 2’ was being filmed at my father’s estate,” he adds.

“As parents, we need to set examples because we have to let our children grow into what and who they are going to be. I really don’t put a lot of pressure on my kids, because they’re good students and they are very respectful of me and of everyone else around them. I’m allowing them to become young adults, and to decide what college they want to go to, what they want to be, what they want to do, how they want to do it, and where they want to do it. I’m pretty free about that.”