Rick Ross Sued Over An Alleged Rape

The Drama Never Ends!

Rick Ross is being sued for rape by a women that claims she was drugged Grammy weekend.

The woman, called Jane Doe in the suit, says she met with Rick Ross and his crew at the W Hotel in Los Angeles. Allegedly, somebody invited her to Cannabis Cup, a weed convention in town.

The woman alleges that a man named Thaddeus “Black” James, a DJ, 3 security guards and the driver took her to the event. During their travels she was allegedly offered liquor, which caused her to pass out. Eventually, she alone with Black after being passed out for 2 straight hours, according to TMZ.

She then says she went back to Black’s hotel and passed out. She charged rape after waking up and realizing her clothing was removed at 8am. She said that Black is the one that actually raped her.

Rick Ross has been pulled into the fray, because the woman feels Black is an extension of the rapper. Rick Ross has not commented on the matter at press time.

He recently proposed to Lira “Galore” Mercer, which was all the rage over the weekend.