Rick Ross Reveals Current Status Of His Relationship With Meek Mill

Rick Ross addressed all the rumors, including what he meant by that Meek Mill line on his new single “Little Havana.”

Rick Ross and Meek Mill’s relationship has been the subject of recent rumors with the Philly rapper apparently unhappy with his deal with Maybach Music Group. 

During a recent interview, Rick Ross addressed the issue directly. He was asked the current status of his relationship with Meek; according to Rozay, he’s still the homie.  

“I feel like we’re both hustlers,” Ross explained to Billboard Hip Hop editor Carl Lamarre. “That’s one thing about life, you either grow together or grow apart. As a boss, you make that decision, because whatever it is you want to do, Ricky Rozay wants to see you do it. There’s a lot of people that didn’t last or was still down with me the way Meek is — so I want to see the homie shine regardless.” 

What Did Ross Mean On “Little Havana?”

Ross was asked about his Meek Mill line on “Little Havana” from his new album, “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been.”  

Rozay raps, “Roger Goodell boy, he ain’t a corneich/I was really throwin’ money, I really saw Meech/And I let them rapper n##### get closer to Meek/It ain’t ’bout who made the most but let’s make a toast.” 

“Let the homie live,” he replied. “Ima go my way, you can go yours. But make sure you keep winning. That’s all Rozay wanna see, I wanna see you win.” 

Meek Mill fuelled whispers of a rift back in October when he vented on Twitter. 

“I haven’t get paid from music and i don’t know how much money labels make off me,” Meek wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “I need lawyers asap!!!” 

He added, “Ask the record label? how much have you spent on me as a artist? then you ask how much have you made off me as a artist? i’m about to make my record deal public by monday just to let the world see what these people on!!!” 

Listen Rick Ross – Little Havana (Official Audio) ft. Willie Falcon, The-Dream Below