Rick Ross Shows Off Powerful Jump-Kick In Hilarious New Gym Video  

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Rick Ross showed off his haymaker punches earlier this month and now Rozay is flaunting his jump-kick move in a new video.

Rick Ross showed off his fighting skills in a hilarious sparring session with his trainer, revealing he trains without shoes to avoid injuring his coach.  

The Biggest Boss took to Instagram on Monday (Mar. 27) to share some workout session footage with his followers. Clips of the amusing encounter began circulating online, with fans joking about Rozay’s powerful punch and jump-kick combo.  

Rick Ross is shown sparring in the gym with his trainer in an energetic boxing session. After beating the pads for a while, the MMG boss shares some insight into his training.  

“I go wild cos I don’t wanna train just to be training. In the streets aint all that tap s###,” he explained, referring to the pad work. “I go buck wild, so if you don’t know me when I nut up on you it’s what I’m a say that’s gon’ be horrendous. Then I’m a jump with the punch, HAAAAA!” he shouted while leaping into the lens with his jump-kick one-two.  

Rick Ross also warned that while he removes his shoes to avoid injuring his trainer, he doesn’t have the same consideration for strangers.  

“So when I start training at this intensity level, I kick my shoes off, so I don’t kick my homie like that. Another n####, I ain’t gon’ spare you. I’m a kick you,” he said before adding, “I’m a kick you and punch you in the head.”  

Check out the clip below.  

Rick Ross Starts His Day With A High intensity Workout

Last year, Rick Ross confirmed he was 80 pounds down after transforming his life following a health scare. He detailed his daily routine during a September interview with GQ.  

“When I get up in the morning—which is usually around 6 or 6:30—I do at least a 20-25 minute HIIT workout, high intensity training, before I even eat anything. I wake up talking s### in the morning: “Morning Glory, Morning Glory!” I’m screaming and all that, that’s what that it is, how I like to start,” he shared.  

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Rick Ross almost knocked out his trailer, although this time using his hands, narrowly missing the coach with a haymaker.  

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