Rick Ross Unveils 'Hood Billionaire' Tracklisting


Rick Ross has been keeping busy all year. Besides hitting the gym and shedding 100 pounds, he became a official brand ambassador for the herbal e-cigarette company mCig and continues to open more Wingstop locations all over the country. The bawse already dropped his album Mastermind back in March and is releasing another one before the year’s end. For his seventh effort, Hood Billionaire, which will hit stores Nov. 24th, Rozay called on Yo Gotti, Jay Z, K. Michelle , Big K.R.I.T  and more to fill the guest spots. Check out the tracklisiting below.

Hood Billionaire Tracklisting

1. “Intro”
2. “Hood Billionaire”
3. “Coke Like the 80’s”
4. “Heavyweight” (Feat. Slab)
5. “Neighborhood Drug Dealer”
6. “Phone Tap”
7. “Trap Luv” (Feat. Yo Gotti)
8. “Elvis Presley Blvd.” (Feat. Project Pat)
9. “Movin’ Bass” (Feat. Jay Z)
10. “If They Knew” (Feat. K. Michelle)
11. “Quintessential” (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
12. “Keep Doin’ That (Rich Bitch)” (Feat. R. Kelly)
13. “Nickel Rock” (Feat. Boosie Badazz)
14. “Burn”
15. “Family Ties”
16. “Brimstone” (Feat. Big K.R.I.T.)

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38 thoughts on “Rick Ross Unveils 'Hood Billionaire' Tracklisting”

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  3. More LIES, Fabrications of bein’ a ‘drug dealer’ while he worked for the feds, more FAKERY of using a famous person’s name & history to sell his BS, more corny lyrics & out-of-breath delivery from the fakest fraud in Hip Hop history! NEXT…………………………..

    1. “This album is gonna solidify Rozay’s place in history. I put more heart into this album and can honestly say this is my best work. Bawse. MMG.” (every Rick False interview ever)

      Yeah he does say every album is a classic. Mastermind was rather huff, but I can’t lie – I listen to a few Rick False songs/albums.

      1. Actually no. I don’t listen to any of today’s rap! I stopped listening a long time ago. I buy my music threw google. They have all classics at a very reasonable price. Some start of at $3.99
        I stay listening to old school.

  4. I’m not a fan of Ross’ music, but dude be dropping albums like its nothing. He has a nice lil catalog building up, you don’t see artist do that anymore.
    Imma check for these tracks though:

    Elvis Presley Blvd. (Feat. Project Pat)
    Nickel Rock” (Feat. Boosie Badazz)
    Brimstone” (Feat. Big K.R.I.T.)

    1. It’s not hard to make an album every year when you’re one-dimensional and all your songs are about fake coke deals, how rich you are, your bad bitch, your exotic car, and the gourmet dish you’re eating, ALL IN ONE SONG. If he was a good rapper, he could actually write songs and tell stories, but he’s not and he can’t.

      1. I feel you but I’m not talking in terms of Quality music, I know its garbage, I talking quantity. It amazes me how his albums keep getting push and distribution. We’ve been getting a Nas album or Big Boi album about every 2 years, but Ross is dropping every 9 months.

      2. Nas. Big Boi, or any rapper that actually has substance would need time to actually write songs and create an album. It’s just like a movie. You can get shit like “Saw” sequels every year because it takes no skill to write one of those, yet it’ll take 3-4 years between Batman movies because that staff is actually creating.

        Ross’ first 9 albums will be exactly like his next 9 albums. Like I said, he’s limited and one-dimensional, and not even a good rapper. Shit, just look at Nas’ “Accident Murderer”. The song has a topic, and this nigga still manages to say the same shit he says on every song. And Def Jam is behind him, and they push garbage now anyway.

    1. Well, despite that “I wanna be cool I don’t like Ross” wave you riding, Port Of Miami, Deeper Than Rap, Albert Anastasia, and Rich Forever were all great projects from Ross.

      1. its not “i wanna be cool”. i just dont feed into the bullshit he’s portraying. even if he wasnt a CO, he still stole a mans whole idenity and passes it off as his own. a few songs here and there i could understand, but a whole career? c’mon….what bothers me the most is that probably a good percentage of his fan base doesnt know who the real rick ross is. his beat selection is tight though

      2. I guarantee 90% of rappers are all fake. Even the conscious niggas. They’re ALL FAKE. This is entertainment, and they are all characters.

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    17. “Kamala Splash”
    18. “Goin’ for an Oscar”
    19. “Countin’ Lap Bandz”
    19. “Snitches Get Riches”
    20. “Sweat Under My Titty Flaps”
    21. “Black Satan”
    22. “ECF – Eatin’ Chicken Fast”

  7. so rawse can drop two albums a year but where omarion album at, rockie fresh? you no stalley only dropped cause meek locked up n wale takes his time . . rawse said mastermind was gonna be a classic . . classic albums dont need a follow up album 8months later . . fugazi shit.

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