RJ Payne Delves Deeper Than Rap On “Beautiful Payne 4”

RJ Payne

RJ Payne had a huge 2021 and now he is back with a new album that shows another side to the fierce lyricist.

RJ Payne slowed down his feverish lyrical output to get an early jump on 2022 and he’s now released his first project. Beautiful Payne 4, the latest opus, is a deeper look into the psyche normally associated with ripping tracks to shreds.

“#BeautifulPayne4 is a closer look into my life as a regular person,” the Philly-born rapper told AllHipHop exclusively of the new music, which hit all streaming services midnight today. “I feel like I more than proved I can rap. Now it’s time to build my legacy with a lot more substance.”

He also stated that his longtime collaborator, producer PA Dre, provided the perfect backdrop to Beautiful Payne 4.

“PA Dre’s production on this project is some of the illest beats I’ve ever heard,” Payne said.

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Dre gave insight on the creative process between the two of them, which has spanned several years.

“I feel like Vol. 4 is RJ Payne’s best penmanship out of all of the volumes we’ve created so far,” Dre said. “We didn’t use a lot of drums this time but the beats are  formatted with enough dope variations so that they won’t come across boring or generic.”            

“When I heard the song ‘Momma I Made It’ – that’s the first song on the album – I knew we had something special with this edition,” he continued. “I probably played that song 20 times on repeat  before anything else.”

The other installments of Beautiful Payne have dropped in the past successive years and are availible on the artists site IamRJPayne.com.

There is one difference in this version of the Beautiful Payne series.

“The only rap feature is Strange Music artist King ISO, who I feel possesses an incredible pen plus delivers real believable emotion.”

Check out Beautiful Payne 4 below.