Roc Nation U.K. Rapper K Koke Acquitted Of Attempted Murder Charge


(AllHipHop News) Roc Nation rapper K Koke scored a major victory in court yesterday (November 3), when he was acquitted of attempted murder.

K Koke, born Kevin Georgiou, was accused of being part of a gang that shot a 27-year-old man from South London, during a dispute at the Harlesden train station.

He hit Twitter and delivered a message: “Yo fukinhell sh**ts crazy I’m bk lol,” K Koke tweeted.

Three teenaged boys and one 17-year-old girl were also involved in the shooting.

One of the teens retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun during the incident and shot the victim on the train platform

In addition to K Koke, the three teenaged boys and the 17-year-old girl are on trial for the shooting as well, which took place in the Stonebridge area of the U.K., after a soccer tournament.

During an interview from prison with The Industry Stalker in June, K Koke was optimistic that he would beat the charges.

“They aint got no evidence. It’s just bulls**t really,” K Koke said. “I shouldn’t even be here. But because of my previous and my history, that’s why I’m here.”

Representatives for Roc Nation, which is owned by Jay-Z, we’re not available for comment as of press time.