Romeo Gets Deep On Family Issues On His Talk Show “The Mix”

Rapper/actor Romeo defended his father and his family after some very public drama involving his dad Master P. and his uncle, C-Murder.

(AllHipHop News) “It’s always going to be free Corey Miller!”

Rapper-turned-talk-show-host Romeo Miller shared this with his co-hosts during his digital talk show, “The Mix.”

Romeo talked about the challenges being the son of one of Hip-Hop’s most successful players and how his uncle, C-Murder’s legal drama is impacting family business.

After his father, Master P, received backlash over various reports that he has not helped his incarcerated brother vindicate himself over a murder that he said he didn’t do, the former “Growing Up Hip-Hop” star broke down his feelings on not only his uncle, but the frustration of people (including his family) pocket watching his pops.

“I didn’t agree with him feeding into everything on social media,” Romeo started off his remarks to his co-hosts. “And, I texted him that. But, we all deal with pain differently.”

Almost a week ago, his father took to his Instagram to post a video explaining his perspective on the C-Murder case and his ability to support his brother — dispelling some allegations that he does not help out financially.

Despite not agreeing with how his dad handled his frustration with other people speaking on his uncle, the “Akickdoe” rapper, he stands like a soldier by Master P.

“You know, the world calls me a daddy’s boy or yes man simply due to our closeness. That’s not the case at all.” Romeo stated. “In our household, we just live by a code: respect the chain of command. That being said I just feel [that] this is between these two brothers. [There are] too many opinions and not enough truth.”

“My thing is … get my uncle out, by any means necessary, because he’s an innocent man. Let the brothers deal with family problems.”

It can be surmised from his comments that much of the talk comes from kinfolk who are speaking on business that is not theirs.

He also narrowed a lot of people’s comments down to his dad being a family bank for many. He questions what his father was just Percy Miller and Master P.

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“What if my dad never dreamed big? What if my dad never made it? What if Master P chose to settle as a kid and was murdered in the Calliope projects like his little brother Kevin? What if my pops was sitting in jail like my uncle?”

One of the most shocking but intimate moments was when he shed light on P’s nuclear family and the problems at home that consume some of his father’s time.

“My father has been trying to save a few of his own kids’ lives,” Romeo said.

He revealed that “every kid didn’t deal with being the son or daughter of Master P. the way I did. Every human, every family is going through something.”

When asked if he could change one thing about this situation, “what would it be?” He said he would cut out the attorneys and give the money to C’s kids.

“This system is broke and it has to be fixed. A lot of money was wasted or should I say donated to the city. I would have rather my cousins decide what to do with the money versus those lawyers,” Romeo said.

His final statements showed his wisdom, and fortifies why no one should be calling him Lil Romeo anymore…

“I hope at least some kid or some family learn from us, find healing from us. I want my uncle to know I’m always gonna love my uncle. I can’t allow the media to accuse my father of not doing anything. My dad has always tried his best and it wasn’t enough. That eats him alive,” Romeo said.

Romeo ends his remarks with what people can do.

“So, we got to start researching in truth. That’s the thing… it may be entertainment headlines to the viewers … but this is how many celebrity lives are ruined.”