RoseMo’s Family Asks Public For Help In Finding His Killer


The family of a man who was slain in broad daylight in Inglewood, California on Wednesday (November 3) is pleading with the public to help find the killer.

Jomo “RoseMo” Adoula Zambia what shot and killed by unknown assailants as he drove his red BMW down Florence Avenue.

After RoseMo was shot, he crashed the BMW into an unmarked police vehicle that was nearby.

The officer involved in the crash had to be extricated from the vehicle and is currently in stable condition at a local hospital.

“We don’t know what happened. We don’t know why this happened,” RoseMo’s sister Mieshia Zambia told The Los Angeles Times.

“Any information that anyone has out there would be greatly appreciated. We just hope and pray that they find who did this.”

Although police have no suspense as of press time, they are reportedly investigating leads pertaining to a recent altercation between RoseMo, CTE affiliated rapper 211 and Inglewood rapper Boskoe.

“This ni**a [Boskoe] said he wanted to fade on camera so we brought one lol,” 211 tweeted on November 2, just one day before his friend RoseMo was murdered. “I’m just sayin tho don’t make me [211] out as the bad guy this is what this ni**a [Boskoe] ask for an he got it! We could of did him dirty if we wanted 2.”

RoseMo’s family and friends are planning to hold a vigil for him later on today in Inglewood.