Royce Da 5’9 Challenges Taboo Stereotypes About Mental Health 

Royce da 59

Royce da 5’9 knows the importance of therapy and getting mental help and now he wants to share the info. 

When Royce da 5’9 dropped The Allegory in February, fans got to see a little more of who Ryan Montgomery is. 

As a 40 something, the project was a declaration that he cares about the growth of his community, emphasizing mental, social, and financial security.  Songs are one thing, but many wondered what he was doing to address some of the things he brought up in the project.

These people are not true Royce fans — but here is evidence of his sincerity.

On October 14th, the Slaughterhouse rapper’s philanthropic arm will launch one of the most comprehensive initiatives to help the most vulnerable in his beloved Detroit, gain access to FREE mental health care.

The Ryan Montgomery Foundation will partner with NAMI (The National Alliance On Mental Illness), and CNS Healthcare to address what John Greden, M.D., founder, and director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center, says is a “collision” and “combination” of toxic mental health issues.

The Ann Arbor psychiatrist said especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic that “we have a collision of things underway. 

“The combination is toxic. Some people have pre-existing depression, bipolar and anxiety conditions. They are intensified because of the pandemic, job loss, social isolation, and sleep disturbances,” Dr. Garden said. 

The launch that will help people who have traditionally believed that therapy is only for “white people” will happen at a press conference on Wednesday, October 14th at Hart Plaza from 4 PM to 6 PM in Detroit. 

The lyricist shares, “As a person of color who has seen a therapist for many years now, I know how important it is to talk about your issues with an unbiased mental health care professional.”

“My people often think seeking a therapist is taboo,” he continues. “It’s my mission to dispel that myth and give light to those who believe there is no way out of the darkness.”

Speakers include the following: Royce da 5’9, Mouchette Muhammad (Ryan Montgomery Foundation), Kevin Fischer (NAMI), Michael Garrett (CNS), Dr. Michele Leno (Mind Matters), and Marcus Harris (DPD).

In addition to his distinguished panel of speakers and appearances, youth groups and local artists will create the entertainment for the two-hour event including Royce’s artist Ashley Sorrell, as well as Forever Gold, Youth United, and Sister Poet. 

“NAMI Michigan is excited to collaborate with international recording artist Royce da 5’9,” says Kevin Fischer, Executive Director of NAMI Michigan. “His transparency and celebrity, combined with his passion to raise mental health awareness, specifically in communities of color, will have an incredible impact on our mission to eliminate the stigma associated with seeking mental healthcare, which we consider the leading barrier to the early diagnosis and treatment that leads to better outcomes. His advocacy is needed and sincerely appreciated.”

The Allegory has songs that give nods to how therapy has helped him. 

On one song in particular, “Hero,” he notes that therapy helped him heal his relationship with his father. 

 Take a listen: